* TSA - tuberculostearic acid is a marker of genera Micobacterium ( M.tuberculosis in that number) and also genera Nocardia, Corinebacterium, Actinomadura.

This figure present the result of calculation the genera-species composition of microbial community by using fatty acid marker and profile approach as applied to mixed infection at peritonitis. Left diagram show virtual concentration of microbes calculated by using quantitative measurements microbial components in blood of patient with gangrenous perforative appendicitis. Blank and filled column refer accordingly to normal and patient concentration of related microorganisms. Blood was sampled before operation.

Right diagram show the result of the same calculations in postoperational pus.

As could be seen from blood measurements, Clostridium perfringens, Staphylococcus haemolyticus, Enterococcus, Mycobacteria (or other TSA-forming), Streptomyces, Enterobacteriaceae members and diphteroids are the microorganisms active in inflammation. Red colored column in pus diagram confirm real presence of this microbes in inflammation locus.

The data prove that one could predict active infection at peritonitis by microbial markers in blood before operation.

Cultural method discovered E.coli and Bacteroides fragilis in pus. Blood culture was negative.