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Microbial diagnostics

  Author CV
  Who's Who in Microbial Diagnostics
  Fundamental Foundation
  What “Microbial Diagnostic” is?
  History and Details
  Comparative Features
  Analytical procedure

Markers in blood and Human Infectious status
  Infectious status of human as measured by microbial markers in blood
  Localisation of microbes. Examples

Genital infections and STD

  Gas chromatography - mass spectrometry in microbe detection Theory
  Our approach
  Analytical assay and database
  Analytical procedure

  Measurements before and after treating
  Candida albicans and associated infection
  Infectious agent changing
  Helicobacter pylori in vagina?
  Honococcal and anaerobic infection

Detection microbial fatty acid markers in liquor and blood of meningitis patients by using in situ Gas Chromatography